Few notes from Geoff Hayden


I joined the league in 1986, and it was already several years old by then, so it must be approximately 35 years old. Ted Tait was the chairman, but was voted out by a new committee comprising of myself, Dick Williams, Mick Hall, Debbie Toms and Alan Pitt in 1996. Dick stood as chairman for the first year, I took over for 5yrs, followed by a succession of other chairmen after that.
In its hay day of the late 1990's, there were 3 divisions of 10 teams, with over 300 people signing on. We had a presentation night each year, with a DJ, food, raffle etc etc, and it was always well attended.

We've had teams at the Farmers, Craigstone (Mead End), Boarhunt, Hampshire Rose, Brewers, Jubilee, Wellington, Mount William and many more who only lasted for a season or two. We even had a very good ladies team who played at the Fox & Hounds in the 1990's.

In the 80's & 90's we had a Hampshire League team with the league's best players representing MVPL.


The position of Hon.President has been awarded to people who contributed or did something notable for the league. Ted Tait as original chairman, me during my time as chairman, Debbie for over 30 yrs of service, and Steve O'Boyle who was probably the best player the league has ever had, who won everything one season, captained Hampshire, and I believe represented England on one occasion although I stand to be corrected on this point.
The above is open to correction, especially dates , but I hope it is of some use.

Regards to you all.



- Geoff Hayden


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