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Summer League

Captains are asked to confirm interest in the summer league by responding to Mark Trotter by Friday 23rd February. This year in order to encourage more participation and to offer the chance to try a new set of rules the committee propose the following: 
Black Ball Rules will be trialled. The rules can be reached through this link.
Last year International Rules were voted against at the AGM but we recognise that there are still some teams that would like to try something new so this is your chance. 
There will be no signing on fee for players and also no trophies. The idea is purely to have a league where we trial these rules. Fines remain in place for game cancellation etc. 
Teams will require a minimum of 5 players. The format will be 10 straight singles all to be drawn from a hat from the outset. A team can play with 4 players but they will concede 2 frames (the 1st and 6th frame) 
Summer league Retention Fees apply – Some teams may need to pay this. 


As of Friday 13th October, the Heroes team has pulled out of the league. The committee has decided to just remove them from the results so far, and replace them with a bye. Any single or doubles fixtures that they were involved in will also turn into a bye for their opponents.

The results table and the fixture lists have been updated accordingly.

The fixture list for the new season is available and can be downloaded here.

Competition Draws

League Cup and Plate Competitions

Singles and Doubles Competitions

Total and Foul Snookers

In order to help newer players, total and foul snookers are explained, with pictures, via this link. We hope it helps.

Clarification on rule regarding what order players can play

Some confusion has arisen regarding the order of play and who can play where. The committee reviewed the Constitution and agree it is NOT clear and therefore this clarification is in place until we can agree at the AGM to amend the constitution:

The first 6 players listed must be unique (no player can play twice in the first 6). The player in the 6th Position cannot play in the 7th position (ie no players can play consecutive singles games). 2 Players for positions 7 & 8 can be from either the first 6 or can be 2 new players but they must be unique (ie cannot be the same player). No player can play more than twice. There is no restriction from playing position 8 and then playing in the first doubles. A player cannot play in both doubles.

Latest committee meeting minutes can be downloaded here

Knockout Cup Draw

Singles and Doubles Draw

Meon Valley Pool League

Some MVPL history from Geoff Hayden.

I joined the league in 1986, and it was already several years old by then, so it must be approx 35yrs old. Ted Tait was the chairman, but was voted out by a new committee comprising of myself, Dick Williams, Mick Hall, Debbie Toms and Alan Pitt in 1996. Dick stood as chairman for the first year, I took over for 5yrs, followed by a succession of other chairman after that. …More

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All game pictures welcome. Please send to here.